Date: March 28, 2019
Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja Lagos

FMES Awards

FMES Awards seeks to celebrate the achievements of the dynamic people and business comprising the FinTech, Mobile, Payments and the financial sector. It will be a special time to celebrate the best innovations, created by the best innovators and entrepreneurs in the Nigerian ecosystem.



  • Most Innovative FinTech company of the Year
  • Best rated Mobile Payment Company of the Year
  • FinTech Bank of the Year
  • Best rated Financial Inclusion Bank of the Year
  • Outstanding Smartphone of the Year
  • Best payment solutions provider of the Year
  • Most popular Mobile brand of the year
  • Mobile Entertainment Phone of the Year
  • Best Youth Friendly Phone Brand of the Year
  • Digital Bank of the Year
  • Outstanding Achievement Awards
  • Cybersecurity platform of the year
  • Best Online payment platform of the Year
  • Outstanding Terminal Service Provider of the Year
  • Fmes personality of the year
  • Fmes most innovative bank of the year
  • Customer friendly mobile company of the year
  • Pan African FinTech Man of the Year
  • Best Rated FinTech company of the year
  • Financial Inclusion Champion of the Year
  • Best Rated Microfinance Bank of the year
  • Most Innovative Consumer Finance Lending company of the year
  • Best Rated Financial Inclusion Bank of the year
  • Outstanding Finance Leading Company of the year
  • Excellence in FinTech Award
  • Entertainment ICON of the year
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