Date: March 28, 2019
Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja Lagos

FMES Awards seeks to celebrate the achievements of the dynamic people and business comprising the FinTech, Mobile, Payments and the financial sector. It will be a special time to celebrate the best innovations, created by the best innovators and entrepreneurs in the Nigerian ecosystem.



  • Most Innovative FinTech company of the Year
  • Best rated Mobile Payment Company of the Year
  • FinTech Bank of the Year
  • Best rated Financial Inclusion Bank of the Year
  • Outstanding Smartphone of the Year
  • Best payment solutions provider of the Year
  • Most popular Mobile brand of the year
  • Mobile Entertainment Phone of the Year
  • Best Youth Friendly Phone Brand of the Year
  • Digital Bank of the Year
  • Outstanding Achievement Awards
  • Cybersecurity platform of the year
  • Best Online payment platform of the Year
  • Outstanding Terminal Service Provider of the Year
  • Fmes personality of the year
  • Fmes most innovative bank of the year
  • Customer friendly mobile company of the year
  • Pan African FinTech Man of the Year
  • Best Rated FinTech company of the year
  • Financial Inclusion Champion of the Year
  • Best Rated Microfinance Bank of the year
  • Most Innovative Consumer Finance Lending company of the year
  • Best Rated Financial Inclusion Bank of the year
  • Outstanding Finance Leading Company of the year
  • Excellence in FinTech Award
  • Entertainment ICON of the year
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